Usage of NexGard in dogs with epilepsy

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The following correspondence were communicated by Dr. C.H. Hesse, Regulatory, Quality and Technical Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health South Africa (now including Merial) regarding the use of NexGard in dogs with epilepsy.

Re: Nexgard® G4118 (Act 36/47): Usage in dogs with epilepsy

Nexgard®, the chewable oral tablet effective in controlling ticks, fleas and mites on dogs was the first commercial product belonging to the Isoxazoline group of chemicals that was introduced globally. Since then more molecules of the Isoxazoline group of chemicals were introduced globally, also in South Africa. This group is very effective and safe and has become the first choice in parasite control in dogs globally.

Nexgard® has fulfilled all the safety requirements demanded by regulatory authorities in the various countries it is registered, however evidence has been documented that in some cases the Isoxazoline group of chemicals has been associated with neurological symptoms in dogs, with or without a known history of epilepsy.

Dr Hesse continues by saying “For Nexgard® this adverse finding of neurological symptoms after treatment is defined as very rare and therefore the local regulatory authority has not deemed it necessary to request a safety warning.”

Although this is the case, it is recommended by Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health South Africa not to use Nexgard in dogs with a history of epilepsy.

For more information regarding the correct use of NexGard, make sure to consult your family veterinarian.

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