Broadline – the mixed parasite top spot for cats

Broadline Top Spot is an easy-to-use, all-in-one external and internal parasite control product for cats. It is proven to be safe for cats and kittens while killing and managing ticks and fleas for one month. Broadline Top Spot also rids cats of tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms and is effective in killing biting lice and mange mites.

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Introducing NexGard – the Next Generation tick & flea tablet for dogs

The newest defense against ticks and fleas is here. From the makers of Frontline Plus and Frontline Tri-Act – introducing Merial’s NexGardNexGard is an over-the-counter, chewable tablet available from veterinarians and vet shops.

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Frontline Tri-Act Top Spot for dogs – a new fast-acting tick and flea spot-on

Frontline Tri-Act Plus Top Spot is new and unique spot-on from Merial’s Frontline range with rapid, broad spectrum efficiency against ticks, fleas and flying insects. The new synergestic combination of the two well-known active ingredients, fipronil and permethrin, brings a new level of efficacy and the fastest speed of kill.

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