Purl shampoo and deodorant range

With its luxurious properties and ingredients, Kyron’s Purl shampoos and deodorants have established themselves well in the South African pet market. The range consists of a series of shampoos for dogs and cats, Purl Fresh Foam, and the Purl Freshness deodorant range.

Purl shampoos

The Purl shampoo range is designed to cater for all your pet’s grooming needs. It caters for all kinds of coats and skins and even comes in a rinse-free foam shampoo for cats. The range currently consists of a Regular shampoo and the more advanced Detangling, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Hypo-Allergenic, Snow White and Fresh Foam shampoos.

Purl Regular shampooPurl Regular shampoo

Purl Regular shampoo was the first luxurious grooming product in the Purl range. It is a pearly shampoo for use on dogs, cats and horses. With its neutral pH, it can be used frequently and leaves the coat soft, lustrous and pleasant smelling. Purl Regular shampoo contains liquid lanolin and pearliser and is available in 500ml and 1L bottles.

Purl Advanced Detangeling shampooPurl Detangling shampoo

With its cosmetic silicones, coconut oil derivatives and pearliser, this shampoo has excellent detangling properties. It also serves as a hair conditioner for a soft, shiny coat. Purl Detangling shampoo can be used on dogs and cats and is available in a 250ml bottle.

Purl Advanced Tea Tree shampooPurl Tea Tree shampoo

Purl Tea Tree shampoo is a natural shampoo for dogs only and is perfect for soothing insect bites. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties leaving the skin coat soft and shiny. Purl Tea Tree shampoo contains lanolin, conditioners and Australian Tea Tree oil and is available in 250ml bottles.

Purl Advanced Rosemary shampooPurl Rosemary

Purl Rosemary shampoo is a cleansing herbal shampoo for dogs and cats with anti-bacterial properties. It will clean the coat and leave it fresh smelling. Purl Rosemary contains natural Rosemary oil and triclosan and comes in a 250ml bottle.

Purl Advanced Hypo-allergenic shampooPurl Hypo-Allergenic

Purl Hypo-Allergenic is a shampoo with low irritant formula. It is a ‘no-tears’ shampoo which is colour and perfume-free. Purl Hypo-Allergenic shampoo can be used on dogs and cats and only contains urea and glycerin and comes in a 250ml bottle.

Purl Advanced Snow White shampooPurl Snow White

Purl Snow White shampoo helps keep the coat bright and white and enhances the appearance of white-coated dogs and cats. It contains lanolin, pearlised and brightning actives and comes in a 250ml bottle.

Purl Fresh Foam shampooPurl Fresh Foam

Purl Fresh Foam is the latest addition to the Purl shampoo range. It is a rinse free foam shampoo that cleans and freshens without using water. Fresh Foam is perfect and safe to use on difficult to wash dogs and cats. It contains Calcium pantothenate, Aloe vera and perfume and is available in a 200ml canister.

Purl Freshness deodorant for dogs and catsPurl deodorants

Purl also has an extending range of their Freshness deodorants. These deodorants are available as sprays and help to moisturise and condition hair while leaving pets to smell clean and fresh. The current range consists of Freshness Original (with a baby-powder-like smell) and Freshness No. 2. It can be used for both dogs and cats and is also safe to use to deodorise hamster enclosures. The base is quick-drying and leaves a fine, non-sticky, non-greasy film on the coat surface. Purl Freshness contains triclosan (which also has anti-bacterial properties) and hydrating, softening and quick drying agents. It is available in a 200ml spray bottle.

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