Protexin Soluble probiotic powder for pets

Protexin® Soluble is an multi-strain probiotic to be used by pets. It contains 7 different organisms that helps to support the health and balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestine and boost the pet’s immune system. Protexin Soluble is suitable for use in dogs, cats, hamsters/rodents, horses, birds, cattle, pigs and lambs. It is also safe to use in pregnant and lactacting animals.

Use of probiotics

Probiotics is used to normalise digestion and stimulate immunity. It aids in the control of diarrhoea and is often used in combination of antibiotic therapy to restore stomach and intestinal microflora. It is also used in young, old and sick pets to help strengthen the immune system and for pets with sensitive stomachs.

Protexin Soluble is manufactured by Kyron, one of South Africa’s leading pet over-the-counter pet medicine manufacturers. The micro-organisms in Protexin Soluble were carefully chosen for their ability to multiply rapidly and colonise the intestines for maximum probiotic activity. It is readily available and is distributed as a palatable, easy-to-use powder. It can either be added to the drinking water or milk-replacer or simply be sprinkled on a pet’s food during meal times.


Protexin Soluble readily available from pet shops, vet shops and veterinarians. It is available in 3 different sized containers: 60g, 250g and 1kg.

Protexin Soluble probiotic powder sizes
Protexin Soluble probiotic powder is available in 60g, 250g & 1kg containers.

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