Profender – the broad-spectrum top spot dewormer for cats

Profender is an easy-to-use, top spot dewormer for cats and kittens. It contains Emodepside and Praziquantel that is safe to use in kittens older than 8 week and 0.5kg and during pregnancy and lactation. Profender is available from veterinarians and vet shops.

Bayer Animal Health’s Profender is an highly effective broad-spectrum dewormer that kills all types of cat worms.

It is recommended to deworm cats every 3 – 4 months.

It will kill the immature and adult stages of:

  • ROUNDWORMS/ASCARIDS: Toxocara cati (syn. mystax) & Toxascaris leonina
  • HOOKWORMS: Ancylostoma tubaeforme

Profender is also highly effective against the adult stages of:

  • TAPEWORMS: Dipylidium caninumTaenia taeniaeformis & Echinococcus multiloculari

Profender sizes

Profender is available in singles or boxes of 4 for the following sized cats:

  • Small cats (0.5 – 2.5 kg)
  • Medium cats (2.5 – 5 kg)
  • Large cats (5 – 8 kg)

Profender for cats - sizes

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