Pet Dent toothpaste for dogs and cats

Pet Dent toothpaste is a dental paste that is used to brush the teeth of dogs and cats. It is palatable, safe to use and can be used as frequently as required to ensure that pets has healthy and clean teeth.

Tooth brushing is the gold standard for promoting oral health and hygiene. Pet Dent toothpaste is a Kyron product that used in combination with a toothbrush to brush the teeth. The toothpaste consists of a palatable, malt-flavoured base containing Chlorhexidine gluconate, polishing agents and cleansers Рall the ingredients needed to fight the build-up of teeth bacteria and to ensure clean teeth. It contains no detergents or foaming agents and is safe to use, even in puppies and kittens.

Bushing a cat's teeth
Brushing a cat’s teeth. Image from

Tooth brushing recommendations

As with humans, it is recommended to brush your dog/cat’s teeth at least once a day to ensure the best oral health and hygiene. In difficult pets, a reduced frequency to two to three times a week should be attempted, but must be done at least once a week.

Teeth should be brushed with an up-and-down motion, paying particular attention to the gum line. Human toothpaste are not safe to be swallowed by pets. Pet friendly toothpaste, such as Pet Dent, should be used. Kyron also included a pet friendly toothbrush and finger-brush in their Pet Dent range, but any small, soft toothbrush can be used.

Pet Dent finger-brush and Pet Dent range
Pet Dent finger-brush and Pet Dent range

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