Broadline – the mixed parasite top spot for cats

Broadline Top Spot is an easy-to-use, all-in-one external and internal parasite control product for cats. It is proven to be safe for cats and kittens while killing and managing ticks and fleas for one month. Broadline Top Spot also rids cats of tapeworms, hookworms and roundworms and is effective in killing biting lice and mange mites.

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Purl shampoo and deodorant range

With its luxurious properties and ingredients, Kyron’s Purl shampoos and deodorants have established themselves well in the South African pet market. The range consists of a series of shampoos for dogs and cats, Purl Fresh Foam, and the Purl Freshness deodorant range.

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Efazol Plus – a premium skin care supplement for dogs

Efazol Plus is an easy-to-use, natural skin care supplement for dogs. It is available as a palatable liquid and contains high levels of essential fatty acids, Zinc and various other vitamins and natural ingredients to support and promote a shiny, healthy skin in dogs.

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