Frontline Tri-Act Top Spot for dogs – a new fast-acting tick and flea spot-on

Frontline Tri-Act® Top Spot is new and unique spot-on from Merial’s Frontline range with rapid, broad spectrum efficiency against ticks, fleas and flying insects. The new synergestic combination of the two well-known active ingredients, fipronil and permethrin, brings a new level of efficacy and the fastest speed of kill.

Frontline Tri-Act is the fastest acting topical treatment available.

Frontline Tri-Act has a knock-down affect on fleas in 5 minutes and kills fleas within 6 hours. It also rapidly kills ticks within 6 hours from application while repelling insects such as mosquitoes and sandflies and other biting flies. One application lasts for 30 days and is safe to use on puppies and dogs from 8 weeks of age and 2kg body weight.

Proven safety for dogs

Frontline Tri-Act demonstrated good safety margins under field and laboratory conditions and can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age and from 2 kg. During trials it was tolerated well at a dosage up to 5x the maximum clinical dose in puppies and adult dogs.

Frontline Tri-Act is a dog only product.

Frontline Tri-Act packages / units

X-small dogs (2 – 5 kg)
Small dogs (5 – 10 kg)
Medium dogs (10 – 20 kg)
Large dogs (20 – 40 kg)
X-Large dogs (40 – 60 kg)

Frontline Tri-Act packaging

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